Nucleus outperforms over 2017/2018

Via The Australian:

Industry super fund Hostplus is taking a contrarian view on the market as it celebrates being named Australia’s best-performing super fund for the second year running.

The fund’s balanced option posted a 12.5 per cent return for the 2018 financial year, smashing the median return of 9.2 per cent across the industry, according to figures from superannuation consultancy Chant West.


Hostplus’s equity exposure, sitting at 53 per cent, is made up of 25 per cent Australian shares, 20 per cent international shares and 8 per cent emerging market shares. The fund is looking at taking a little bit off the table in Australian shares — 1 per cent or 2 per cent at most — and moving it to international shares to gain more exposure to a broader range of industries.

The balance appears to be private equity and other off-market investments. 

The Nucleus Wealth Growth fund started at the end of July and returned 12.6% in the eleven months to June 30.

Our funds are currently open to all investors and self-managed super funds.

We are in the final stages of completing the legals for our retail super option for investors who don’t have a self-managed super fund. The plan is to add some pilot users into the retail super version of our funds over the next month and look to roll it out more broadly within two months.

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