Nucleus Wealth Super now offers Life Insurance.

We are proud to announce that Nucleus Wealth Super accounts now offer personal (Life and Total & Permanent Disability) insurance cover. You can select Life only, TPD only or Life with linked TPD cover.

We have spent considerable time in choosing an insurance partner that offers a sound and reliable insurance solution for Nucleus Wealth clients. Metlife has 150 years of experience in personal insurances, and currently insures over 2.6 million Australians as the 3rd biggest group life insurer in the country.

Policies made through Nucleus Wealth are stand alone and are individually underwritten, meaning less chance of issues in the event of claim, and are portable, meaning you can move superannuation accounts and still retain this cover.

Furthermore, we have removed commissions from the premiums to ensure that they are cost effective.

All super insurance premiums can be paid using your Nucleus Wealth Super account.

If unsure about a suitable amount of cover, you can try this calculator. If you would like a full analysis of all insurance needs (including income protection and trauma insurances not currently offered) please book a call and I can arrange a referral to a face to face adviser near you.

As always, more than happy to discuss and answer any questions either by booking a call or giving me a call on 1300 623 863.

Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at the Nucleus Wealth.