Celebrating a great year in returns for Nucleus Wealth

2019 was a banner year for investment returns. Our own funds performed well throughout the year, highlighted by our growth fund up 17.8%. This puts it in the top 4 growth superannuation funds according to researcher Chant West (chart below).

Other Nucleus funds also had significant gains, our International direct share portfolio led with 27.2% returns over the year, our tactical funds ranged between 8.1% for our most conservative Income portfolio to 17.8% for our Growth portfolio.

In celebrating this, we want to give back to our investors, readers, and followers with this brokerage-free offer until March 1st

How it works

Simply complete a new portfolio and invest funds on or before Sunday March 1st 2020 to receive a refund on all initial brokerage costs involved with purchasing shares for the portfolio. The refund will automatically be processed after the portfolio has been invested for 6 months.

Interested in how much your brokerage refund would be? Login or register with our investment portal and begin customising your portfolio. All fees and brokerage (listed as “initial costs”) are shown in the review section before you submit the application.


Account types

All Nucleus Wealth account types are eligible. This includes invidual, personal super, joint, trust’s and SMSF accounts


All Nucleus Wealth portfolios are eligible. More information about our Tactical and Core Shares portfolios is available here

Existing accounts

If you have an existing account in the account creation process that is not yet invested, you’re eligible for our brokerage-free offer

Existing investors

if you already have an existing investment with Nucleus Wealth, and invest in another new portfolio (such as a new super account) you’re eligible to receive this offer

Not ready to invest yet? 

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