There are a few ways that investment portfolios should be customised to suit you:


We have ethics. Integrity, honesty, reliability.  However, when it comes to investing the questions become more nuanced and the answers often depend on the individual.  

For example, some people like nuclear power for the efficiency and carbon reduction benefits. Other people believe the risks to the environment and contamination are too high.

At Nucleus, we don’t dictate the ethics. You choose from 19 different ethical overlays over your portfolio so that we don’t buy stocks that conflict with your beliefs.

Risk Level

You have a choice. Higher longer term returns but wilder portfolio movements or a steadier but lower return.

Most financial planners claim to customise your risk level, and then proceed to invest your portfolio into one of four or five standard risk categories.

Nucleus considers risk to be a spectrum of outcomes and manage each client’s risk individually.

Income Needs

Generally, receiving income from shares or bonds is less tax-efficient than capital gains. However, many high-quality shares pay significant dividends and so a balance needs to be struck between the amount of risk, your income needs, the quality of the stocks and your tax outcome.

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