Nucleus Wealth Super is for people looking for a tailored and transparent superannuation solution.

It was formed to bridge the gap in investment solutions for everyday people looking for the middle ground between cookie-cutter robo-advice and high-cost financial planning.

Nucleus Wealth Super put the power back in your hands: 
   – tax efficient structures, 
   – tailored to your ethics, 
   – tailored to your risk,
   – tailored to your income needs,
   – fully transparent.

Your Super, Your Ethics. Some people like nuclear power for the efficiency and carbon reduction benefits. Other people believe the risks to the environment and contamination are too high. Take your pick from 19 different ethical themes. At Nucleus, we don’t dictate your ethics.

We mainly operate online, frequently blogging, podcasting and available for client calls or emails. Our portal contains not only details of every share and bond in your portfolio, but more importantly why they are in your portfolio. While you are welcome to come and visit us in person, our hope is the unparalleled transparency and online investment support will give you all of the information that you need.

You have full online transparency as the information comes straight from the analysts making the investments rather than via a salesperson. We use one of the most cost-effective platforms (Praemium is shown as PPS in this report)  on the market. We strive to keep your fees down and are typically half the cost of a traditional face to face advice relationship.
It only takes ten minutes to sign up with Nucleus Wealth Super.