Crash of The Century: The End of Chinese Property | Nucleus Investment Insights

Markets have greeted the appointment of Xi for another 5 years, (and probably for life) with dismay. Chinese housing data continues to look dire in the latest release post Xi’s appointment. Messaging from the conference shows no signs of reversing on clamping down on too much property debt, which means there’s no respite in view for the Chinese property market.


In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist, David Llewellyn-Smith and Senior Financial Adviser, Samuel Kerr discussed whether this is the proverbial crash of the century.

Agenda: The one thing that can kill inflation
  • Highway to hell
  • Economic fallout
  • Markets fallout
  • Political fallout

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Sam Kerr is a Senior Financial Advisor at Nucleus Wealth.

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