How to get your voice heard as a Retail Shareholder, with Rachel Waterhouse – Nucleus Wealth Empower

In this episode of Nucleus Wealth Empower, Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Operations Shelley George is joined by the CEO of the Australian Shareholders’ Association, Rachel Waterhouse to shed light on how you can get your voice heard as a retail shareholder

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00:00 Introduction
1:36 Rachels background to this point
2:46 What is ASA and what does it do?
3:50 Rachel’s background informing her current role
4:30 Why does governance matter in organisations?
5:49 Why is strength in numbers so important
7:02 Why does good governance = good performance?
8:02 focus areas for ASA recently
10:03 Annual General Meetings
11:04 Typical members of ASA?
12:55 SMSF’s
14:06 asa member meetings
15:09 how do people become members of asa
16:00 current AGM trends this season
18:30 Special offer: upcoming virtual investment forum


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Shelley George is Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth.