Is 2021 the year to buy Australian Property? With Bushy Martin | Nucleus Investment Insights

This week we thought we might finish off the year with another big show on Australia’s favourite investment class, property.
To help colour in the conversation we have brought along Bushy Martin who is a keynote speaker, all round property investment wizard and award winning author of his 2018 book, Get Invested. Link here – https://bushymartin.com.au/books/
It was a terrific conversation covering areas of property market conditions that have changed since he wrote the book, such as under supply of quality properties, falling mortgage rates and the changes to responsible lending laws. We talk about areas of Australian property that have been helped and hindered by the pandemic and a chat around some key metrics he uses when sizing up the potential in an investment property.

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Tim Fuller is Head of Advice at Nucleus Wealth.

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