Is Labor Catching An Economic Hospital Pass? | Nucleus Investment Insights

In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Senior Financial Adviser Samuel Kerr, Chief Economist Leith van Onselen, and Chief Strategist David Llewellyn-Smith gave an update on the state of the Australian economy that the new government is receiving.
  • Current economic conditions superficially good (e.g. best labour market in generations).
  • Outlook poor due to rising inflation and interest rates.
  • Cost of living pressure biting (e.g. petrol, rents, food).
  • Lots of factors out of Labor’s control (international re. inflation, RBA re. interest rates).
  • Economy set to deteriorate sharply as household consumption dives.
  • Labor likely to be blamed when proverbial hits the fan.
  • Risks Labor once again being tagged as “poor economic managers”.

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Sam Kerr is a Senior Financial Advisor at Nucleus Wealth.

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