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This video was recorded at the 2018 Nucleus Wealth / Macrobusiness Seminar held on Thursday 13th September in Melbourne.

Question guide (with time elapsed) :

0:38 Q0 – Does Chinese Stimulus come in cycles?

4:16 Q1 – Some questions around investing with Nucleus Wealth

6:42 Q2 – The US hitting the fiscal cliff impact on share market

9:24 Q3 – Will Labor back on negative gearing if successful next election?

13:19 Q4 – What weightings are typical and how does this compare to other international managers?

14:34 Q5 – How much can we trust Chinese economic numbers?

18:17 Q6 – What is the risk of a bank bail in / Is a US boom similarly as good as China for Australians?

21:28 Q7 – Why is the Aussie stock market no where near the GFC high?

27:51 Q8 – Will Labor back on negative gearing if successful next election 2?

29:44 Q9 – Is Australia still worth investing in?

32:30 Q10 – Will the share market (and NW portfolios) fall faster than Aussie housing?

36:54 Q11 – Physical Gold – when should it be considered?

39:43 Q12 – How does Australian’s record housing debt impact the broader Australian economy?

42:37 Q13 – Why is Australian retail growth still so strong, particularly in the cities?

46:36 Q14 – Will removal of negative gearing mean a surge in Primary Places of Residence?

50:13 Q15 – What are your thoughts on a potential inversion of the US yield curve?


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