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Hold onto your seats, folks! Instead of our usual live podcast, we’re rolling out a jaw-dropping replay of ‘Revolutionary Investment Opportunities’! Dive into this episode and unlock the secrets to game-changing investments that could reshape your financial landscape! Don’t miss this golden opportunity to elevate your investment game!

In this podcast, Nucleus Wealth’s Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen and Head of Advice, Samuel Kerr explore the most exciting investment themes set to redefine the next few years.


We’re talking about groundbreaking trends that every savvy investor needs to watch:

  • Electrification: as we move to a world powered by clean energy, change is at hand. Both opportunities and traps abound.
  • Obesity Drugs: We’re investigating the revolutionary drugs poised to tackle the global obesity epidemic.
  • Onshoring & Robotics: Witness the rebirth of manufacturing with cutting-edge robotics. Find out how onshoring is getting a high-tech makeover.
  • AI: Step into the world of Artificial Intelligence. We’re uncovering how AI is reshaping industries and creating opportunities.
  • Cloud Computing: Soar into the cloud. Learn about the tech giants leading the charge in cloud computing and how it’s transforming the digital landscape.
  • Energy: Power up with insights into the dynamic energy sector. From traditional fuels to renewable sources, discover the energy investments lighting up the market.
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