Will Technology Driven Deflation be ‘The Price of Tomorrow’? With Jeff Booth | Nucleus Investment Insights

The price of tomrrow wiith jeff booth

Join us as we discuss Technology’s ever-growing role in the world, the resulting deflation it will generate, and the major structural changes to the economy as we know it caused by this. We discuss these changes in industries it’s already happened in, as well as some likely candidates such as energy and automotive. We wrap up with a discussion around the solutions to these structural issues and the investment implications of this going forward

In today’s investment webinar Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Head of Financial Advice Tim Fuller and Jeff Booth discuss Jeff’s #1 best seller “The Price of Tomorrow. Why Deflation Is The Key to an Abundant Future” and the conclusions that can be drawn from it.


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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth.