New product, lower fees – Nucleus Wealth

Nucleus Wealth has recently partnered with Interactive Brokers. We are proud to offer a new lower fee structure, more functionality and lower brokerage costs on most transactions.

New Feature: Tilts

We are now offering Tilts for all Interactive Brokers accounts. Tilts allow you to add extra themes to your portfolio. For example, you may be bullish on the cybersecurity sector, and want to have more exposure to that than we already have in our portfolios. You can choose how much of the portfolio you’d like to allocate to that sector. We still manage your portfolio and do all the investing on your behalf. You can still use any of our screens to remove the sectors and themes you don’t want in the portfolio. We now have around 100 Tilts and Screens to choose from.

New Feature: Fractional Shares

On Interactive Brokers, we offer fractional shares in Europe and the US. This means that you can get a diversified portfolio with lower balances, and so our minimums start from $10,000.

To celebrate our new partnership with Interactive Brokers, we are offering a limited-time free initial brokerage on any new Individual or Joint accounts that sign up and fund before the 31st of July.

We will refund your initial brokerage costs after you’ve been invested with us for more than 6 months.

Interactive Brokers offers Individual, Joint, Company, Trust and Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) investment accounts with lower administration fees. Log into our no-obligation onboarding portal to see your indicative fees.

You can book a call with our team or call 1300 623 863 to find out more. Alternatively, log in to the no-obligation onboarding portal and get started today.

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