The Power of Ethics!

We have had a terrific response from investors in the opening month at Nucleus Wealth.

Many thanks to those in our first round for your feedback and support – the construction of this fund has been over a year in the making and realizes a longtime goal of the Macro Business team to constructively implement the macro economic themes for readers in the market.

When putting together an offer like this to such a broad readership, there are always going to be surprises.

One area that offered such a surprise is the popularity of the ethical screening component of the fund.

One, because it was never actually advertised as a feature of the fund, meaning that it was really a ‘value add’ as opposed to an attraction to invest.

Two, it’s remarkable that this type of ethical stock screening is not (in my understanding) widely available to the public investor, without going down a specific ethical advice path (with commensurate cost). This would typically lead you to believe that there is not a lot of demand for this type of service in the market, or perhaps that its ‘all too hard’ for a product provider to implement.

Well, from our initial response it is safe to say that ethical screening is front of mind! – with over two-thirds of new accounts created choosing at least one ethical screen!

The next surprise was the most commonly chosen ethical screens. We have taken the approach at Nucleus that ‘your ethics are unlikely to be our ethics’ and this has come shining through. With such a broad range of ethical choices and beliefs available, doesn’t it make sense to control it yourself?

For those wondering what ethical screens are currently on offer – please see below, and feel free to login to the Nucleus Wealth portal using the form below and read further. 

Our onboarding site allows you to choose your own ethical screening options and will issue you a personalised portfolio and fees document on the ‘Review’ page where you can review the impacts of your choices on our portfolios.

Want to discuss how Nucleus Wealth can help you tailor your investments to suit your ethical beliefs? – Book a Call or sign up below.

Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth. 

The information on this blog contains general information and does not take into account your personal objectives, financial situation or needs. Tim Fuller is an authorised representative of Nucleus Wealth Management, a Corporate Authorised Representative of Integrity Private Wealth Pty Ltd, AFSL 436298.

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