Worried about the effect of the Australian Housing Crash on your portfolio?

We understand that many of our investors are concerned by the ongoing pullback in Australian house prices, and are now worried about this having an impact on their stock portfolios.

As prices move from a long overdue correction, potentially into a serious meltdown, it is easy to see how this will have an increasing effect on companies whose profit margins rely on the housing market.

Therefore, we are proud to announce a new portfolio screen, called Limit Australian Housing Exposure which removes Australian developers, Banks, REIT’s and housing-related consumer staples.

If you are an investor – head over to your Nucleus Wealth Client Portal and update this change in the Ethical Screens page. We will make the change within a week of selecting it for you.

If you are not yet an investor, feel free to check out the Onboarding Portal, or watch a short tour of what it looks like to be an investor with us.