Performance Reports

All of our clients have website access to see the stocks and bonds that they own, the reasons for owning them and a full history of performance.

In addition, we write a performance report each month to go through any changes to our positioning. See below for recent reports: 

December 2018 Performance
Stock markets around the world bounced hard off their Christmas lows to give some respectability to what would have otherwise
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November 2018 Performance
Stock markets around the world have fallen precipitously over the last 3 months, and our portfolios have not been immune
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Nucleus still outperforming the average Super Fund
Chant West is out with its latest super fund returns: Chant West senior investment research manager Mano Mohankumar says: “Despite
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October 2018 Performance
Global equities had the worst monthly fall since May 2012 when the euro sovereign debt crisis and Grexit loomed large.
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September 2018 Performance
After a strong August performance, September saw a pull-back in most of our portfolios amid concerns surrounding trade tensions, China’s economic
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Nucleus Performance
August 2018 Performance
  International stock markets ripped higher in August and both the Australian dollar and bond yields fell, completing a trifecta
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