Performance Reports

All of our clients have website access to see the stocks and bonds that they own, the reasons for owning them and a full history of performance.

In addition, we write a performance report each month to go through any changes to our positioning. See below for recent reports: 

Nucleus Wealth July Performance
Investment markets are in the eye of the storm. The initial storm danger came as COVID-19 hit, decimating jobs and
Nucleus June 2020 Performance
An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. Coronavirus has shown this to be accurate, both in managing
Significant Outperformance by Nucleus Growth Fund
May saw share markets extend their bounce in the face of worsening economic conditions. In particular the last week of
April saw a bounce back in share markets after one of the worst months ever for stock markets. Our portfolios
Nucleus Performance
Chant West finally released its returns for superannuation funds for last month. Our growth fund smashed the median fund by 9.4% in
Nucleus Feb/Mar Performance
March was one of the worst months ever for stock markets. As discussed in our January and February reports, our