Housing Affordability Smashed by RBA | Nucleus Investment Insights

Sydney and Melbourne houses have some of the worst valuation metrics on record. However, some of the apartment markets are looking better. With the RBA jacking mortgage costs at the fastest rate in 50 years, we take a look at the housing calculator. This calculator is designed to look at a number of different ways to value houses, and most of them are looking sickly.


In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer Damien Klassen and Senior Financial Adviser Samuel Kerr looked at property valuations across Australia, and where they might be headed.

  • How to value property
  • Latest affordability data / macroeconomics
  • Effect of rising interest rates
  • Buying vs renting
  • Property vs shares

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Sam Kerr is a Senior Financial Advisor at Nucleus Wealth.

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