Nucleus featured on Digital Finance Analytics’ Webinar with Martin North

Digital Finance Analytics webinar

Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen was featured in a webinar posted earlier this week on Digital Finance Analytics’ YouTube Channel, where he’s interviewed by Martin North in an overarching assessment of Nucleus’ views on the state and direction of the worldwide economic landscape

The presentation includes a discussion on 7 long-term trends such as rising Inequality, Boomers moving out of the workforce, rising debt and changing energy costs. Following this, mid-term cycle trends including high Corporate debt, Chinese investment and Australian Credit Growth. Finally, short-term trends such as central bank assets and political issues (Trade war, Hong Kong tensions, Brexit) paint how we should perceive the immediate future.

This is summarised with the investment outlook, where Damien covers how we see Cash, Bonds, Australian Property, Australian Shares and International Shares in the current investment climate