How and why you should avoid Lenders Mortgage Insurance, with Martin North – Nucleus Wealth Empower

In this episode of Nucleus Wealth Empower, Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Operations Shelley George is joined by Martin North of Walk The World to discuss what Lenders Mortgage Insurance is, and why you should avoid paying it.
Empowering you to develop money and investing as tools for living your fullest life.
00:00 Introduction
02:20 What is Lenders Mortgage Insurance? And when you need it
06:05 Possibility of getting a refund on Lenders Mortgage Insurance
08:10 Large amount of population not knowing what LMI is
10:56 Did LMI come up in Royal Commission?
12:00 Alternatives to avoid LMI
14:35 Martin’s view on the property market going forward
18:09 Recap
21:10 Another way of avoiding borrowing over 80%
26:04 Banks providing LMI themselves
28:20 Where you can find more of Martin North


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Shelley George is Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth.

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