Are NVidia And AI Stocks In A Boom Or A Bubble? | Nucleus Investment Insights

NVidia hit a market capitalisation of USD1 trillion this week after a stunning set of earnings upgrades.


Data centre revenue, which is the largest part of NVidia’s revenues, is expected to double over the next 90 days.

But revenues have been volatile. For example, NVidia’s gaming revenues halved last year, probably due to Etherium (a crypto-currency) moving to proof of stake.

On one hand, NVidia is not cheap relative to the market, trading on 45 times next year’s earnings. On the other hand, if it can double revenues over the next 90 days, then it might be looking a lot cheaper a lot sooner.

In this week’s investment podcast Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer Damien Klassen and Senior Financial Adviser Samuel Kerr look at the question of whether NVidia and AI stocks are in a boom or a bubble.


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