Grant Williams: The Big Macro Divides & Dedollarisation | Nucleus Investment Insights

Grant Williams is a titan of the financial podcasting world, interviewing the biggest names in the industry and examining the core macro arguments dominating discussions.


We take the opportunity this week to quiz Grant and see where he sits on some of the biggest macro themes.


  • Is there a recession or soft landing?
  • Bonds say recession by the 4th quarter, equities say earnings growth will be back to 10% by Q4. Can both be right?
  • If recession, can inflation stay high or will it at least disappear in the short term?
  • Is inflation going to be structurally higher?
  • If inflation is higher, will commodities save you from that inflation, or will the normalisation of the China housing market offset any gains?
  • Can the world move fast enough to green energy, or is there an underinvestment in oil/gas/coal that will lead to price spikes?
  • Can an artificial investing boom be large enough to lift the market?
  • What is a reasonable valuation for stock markets at the moment? At what valuation level would Grant start investing?
  • Is the China/US relationship broken for the foreseeable future?
  • Therefore, is dedollarisation possible?

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