The One Thing That Could Kill Inflation | Nucleus Investment Insights

The most likely reason for continued high inflation is a wage growth spiral. Sluggish wages in Australia, Japan and Canada are at odds with many other countries around the world. At the upper end, US wages are showing signs of moderating. Where to from here? Will US wages stay high or fall back to the rest of the world? Will Australian wages catch up or will rising interest rates cool wages down before they have the chance?


In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen and Senior Financial Adviser, Samuel Kerr discussed and looked around the world at wage growth.

Agenda: The one thing that can kill inflation
  • Wage growth hot zones
  • Wage growth mild zones
  • Wage growth cold zones
  • Services to Manufacturing and Back
  • Locked up employees?

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Sam Kerr is a Senior Financial Advisor at Nucleus Wealth.

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