Will US Commercial Property Be The Epicenter Of The Next Property Crash? | Nucleus Investment Insights

In this week’s podcast Nucleus Wealth’s Chief Investment Officer Damien Klassen, Senior Financial Adviser Samuel Kerr and Julian Campbell-Wood of Global REITS – Resolution Capital run through the following topics:

  • Office: The dangers of contagion in US commercial property and what the future of work holds.
  • Retail: Macro data (weak) vs micro data (OK).
  • Industrial: The Yellow insolvency and what it means for the sector. Will companies continue to keep inventories higher (“just in case” rather than “just in time”) or will they simply revert back to pre-pandemic levels.
  • Residential: US rental growth, will it peak then pause or will it fall. Comparison with Australia.
  • Self-storage: end of the dominance of products over services?
  • Data centres: AI effect whether AWS/Google/Microsoft are going to dominate the smaller players.
  • Are there differences between countries/regions?

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