Lower administration fees

We are closing in on two years of running client money and we have hit a number of funds under management targets at Praemium which unlocks lower administration costs. We are passing all of the cost savings on to investors.

Some of the added benefits:

  • Lower administration cost. Platform administration costs down by as much as 0.11% per annum (savings vary by product and investment size). Plus we now have family account aggregation that will further reduce admin fees.
  • Higher interest on uninvested cash.
  • Lower Trade Costs. For non-super clients trade costs down 50-70% (superannuation clients already have this benefit).
  • Improved end of year reporting and client portal giving more transparency
  • Easier for you to buy or sell. In our start-up phase, we traded less frequently for new clients in order to group our trades and lower trade costs. We now have enough size and low enough trading fees to trade any day you want.

Thanks for your support

If you have registered before want to see the effects of the change click here. For new investors either use the links below, give us a call on 1300 623 863, or book a call with a financial planner to discuss your options.