Official launch of free Australian Property Calculator

Property calculator forecast

We’re pleased to announce the official launch of our brand new Property Calculator.

Property calculator forecast

Read on for a brief breakdown of some of the features

Calculator features:

Your property forecast

Step 1: Select calculator inputs for your property forecast. Inputs include selecting a House or Unit, property cost, deposit amount, rent, the economic outlook you expect, and forecast method

Select property calculator inputs


Select your economic outlook

Step 2: View your resulting property forecast. Shows the cumulative gain or loss in property value each year over 10 years, debt contribution, relative rent earned, costs and interest paid, and how the property would perform with no debt.

Your Australian Property forecast


What’s next?


Step 3: View detailed output for the effects of your forecast.

Step 4: Adjust your assumptions to see how it impacts your property forecast.

Adjust your economic assumptions

Step 5: Compare your property forecast for buying to renting or buying shares instead.

Compare buying Australian property to renting


Compare buying Australian property to buying shares



Step 6: Share the results – get a unique shareable link with your customised forecast that you can share for others to view & edit as they please

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