Reflect your views on global human rights through your investment at Nucleus Wealth
In response to current events & popular demand, Nucleus Wealth is proud to announce a new suite of ethical options
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Nucleus Investors can choose to exclude countries with poor human rights records from their investments
Is it just me or are China’s reactions increasingly unhinged?
China's reactions to three events in the past week appear increasingly unhinged and are likely to accelerate the move away
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Energy: Price Parity no Party for Coal
Bloomberg just published another stark reminder of the shifting landscape for energy generation – fossil fuels have a limited time
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Deceiving headline yields in property
  With decent investment yields increasingly hard to find, it is important to avoid yield traps when looking for alternatives
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The magic of manipulated valuations: WeWork vs your Superannuation
  WeWork put its Initial Public Offering on ice this week as the company realised it would not be valued
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Problems facing the LNG market
  Some welcome news for LNG producers as the spike in the oil price flows through to the gas price
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