Performance Reports

All of our clients have website access to see the stocks and bonds that they own, the reasons for owning them and a full history of performance.

In addition, we write a performance report each month to go through any changes to our positioning. See below for recent reports: 

Stock markets continued their on/off mode in December. This time it was off. Australian stocks fell 3.2%, international stocks fell
Stock markets boomed again in November. Australian stocks were up 7%, International stocks also boomed, but were held down by
Inflation scenarios
Stock markets boomed in October after being smashed in September. International stocks were up 7%, Australian up almost 6%. Bond
Inflation scenarios
Stock markets were smashed in September. The US market fell over 9%, but closer to -3% in local terms once
August was a tale of two halves. Global markets rallied for the first half of the month, and then gave
After crashing lower in June, stock markets staged a comeback in July. The ASX rose 5% and International stock markets