The Demise of the MDA Begins
Another blow for institutional use of Managed Discretionary Accounts (MDA) this week as AMP forfeits its ability to offer MDA’s
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Electric Vehicles will not save Coal [Infographic]
The purpose of this Infographic is to debunk the common misconception that a switch to Electric Vehicles will hugely increase
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Graphical representation of Australian GDP or Gross Domestic Product
GDP Hotspots
Every quarter I like to look at the changes in Australian GDP and which categories are responsible for the growth
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Private Capital Expenditure
Private sector capex: Not riding to the rescue
Far from riding to the economy's rescue, the private sector seems to be hunkering down, not spending on capex. There
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Big inflows into ethical funds
The problem with traditional ethical funds
Ethical investment inflows have doubled in 2019. But, the Wall Street Journal highlights a problem near to my heart: ethical
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How to manipulate a discounted cashflow valuation
Investment Banker Wannabes: How to manipulate a Valuation
This is a message for those who want to avoid being ripped off by aspire to be investment bankers. One dirty secret
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