Updated COVID-19 statistics and analysis
Data update dates: Worldometer: 31 Mar See our Coronavirus data Dashboard for individual country data. Key COVID-19 Questions Which COVID-19
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In 2009, listed property was down 60%, unlisted property reported gains
Your Industry Super fund is about to lie to you
Most superannuation funds, and especially industry funds have significant balances in unlisted assets. Many are telling you that these assets
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The contracting spiral of world trade
Welcome to The Great Depression 2.0
In his masterpiece, The World in Depression, Charles A. Kindleberger concludes the major cause of the Great Depression was a paralysis
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Investment Performance Fees: Paying more doesn’t make your fund manager smarter
I don’t think investment performance fees help. Actually, I suspect performance fees probably do more harm than good. Reason 1:
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Nucleus Outperformance
Massive outperformance vs Superannuation Funds
Chant West returns released its returns for superannuation funds for last month and a preview of the March massacre. Our
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Summer Winter COVID-19 coronavirus statistics
Coronavirus: Summer might not be the saviour we thought
One factor I have been watching closely is the spread of the coronavirus through summer or tropical countries. For most
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