Seeking financial advice can be a daunting endeavour. With more than 80% of Australians without financial advice, and 45% of
Gamestop share price returns
There has been a lot written about the Gamestop saga in the last week. I want to discuss the medium-term
How do you know you need advice? Seeking advice can be a challenging endeavour for most people. It is not
Cryptocurrency SMSF nest egg
We were contacted by the SMSF Association about Tim's recent "Self Managed or Self Mangled SMSF" report. They brought to
Cryptocurrency SMSF nest egg
The allure of having complete control over your financial future is very compelling, and becomes even more so in turbulent
Damien Klassen AFR interview thumbnail
Hot off the presses; Nucleus Wealth's Head of Investments Damien Klassen was interviewed by Luke Housego in the AFR's 7