The world just changed narrative is bullshit
COVID-19 has been an issue for weeks. The bond market realised it. Forex markets realised it. So don’t give me
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Sydney House Price / Wage ratio
How high can the Australian house price boom go?
In the last three years, Australian houses have gone from boom to bust and now back to boom again. I
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Property calculator forecast
Official launch of free Australian Property Calculator
We’re pleased to announce the official launch of our brand new Property Calculator. Read on for a brief breakdown of
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Stock Market Valuations
Basic Share Valuation
Interested in learning a little more about Stock Market Valuations? Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen & Head of
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Deaths from coronavirus
Extracting Signal from coronavirus noise
(updated 8 Feb with new data and insights, see here for updated Coronavirus statistics) The data quality showing the spread
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Coronavirus: measuring your faith in central banks
There is a certain seductiveness to a bearish investment argument. The chance to appear like a rational actor in a
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