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How to manipulate a discounted cashflow valuation
Investment Banker Wannabes: How to manipulate a Valuation
This is a message for those who want to avoid being ripped off by aspire to be investment bankers. One dirty secret
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Australian Credit Growth at 50 year lows
Update: The One Australian Economic Question that Matters
I’ve written a few times recently about the imbalances in the Australian economy and how messed up the Australian housing
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A Wunch of Bankers
Nucleus Investment Insights – A Wunch of Bankers with Daniel Ziffer
In today’s webinar, hear from Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Head of Operations Tim Fuller and Journalist turned
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Nucleus Superannuation and Ethical Investment performance September 2019
September 2019 Investment Performance
September saw volatile, but ultimately strong equity markets push the investment returns for most superannuation funds higher. Our tactical investment
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Nucleus Investment Insights – Revelations from the coal face of Australian Lending with Stephen Mitchell
In today’s webinar, hear from Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investment Damien Klassen and Head of Operations Tim Fuller as they
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Australian Competitiveness
Australia sinks further in the global competitiveness rankings
The World Economic Forum just posted its most recent Global Competitiveness index. I don’t agree with some of the underlying
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