Class leading customer onboarding experience:

Proton delivers a clear and easy to follow pathway for prospects to become clients.

The completely paperless end user experience is designed to collect the required information whilst educating and tailoring the final investment solution in a series of easy steps.

As a truly dynamic system, Proton uses live research data to build portfolios and provide industry leading customisation on a client by client basis.


Secure and reliable 

By incorporating two factor authentication (2FA) and encryption, Proton allows clients to be assured that their personal information is secured.

All data is held on Australian servers, using world leading cloud computing providers that meet the most stringent security requirements and carry significant levels of support.

Clients are authenticated through Proton using bank grade external services that utilise machine learning and artificial intelligence, and directly verify personal details against live government databases and watchlists.


Clear and compliant

Compliance is a crucial component of success when operating in the financial services industry. 

Proton has been designed, built and maintained with a specific goal to adhere with regulatory requirements, and is audited on an annual basis.

From personal advice generation, data collection and associated privacy regulations, to audit trails and ongoing portfolio management, Proton keeps ahead of compliance concerns and provides peace of mind.

Seamless integration with partners

Financial services is renowned for costly manual administration which brings with it the risk of human errors.

Through instant and unified integration using an Application Processing Interface (API) with our third party providers, Proton both speeds up process and solves the issue of manual administration.

Minimising the time and effort required to service clients means higher levels of profitability and an efficient and scalable technology solution.

Customer management, simplified:

Proton allows initial client procurement and targeted marketing is streamlined and holistically managed to ensure that leads are followed up in a timely and thorough manner.

Through seamless links with the Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), back end processing is managed easily.

Ongoing client management is dramatically simplified by Proton through click through processing of operational tasks by direct accessing of a clients file to ensure that all interactions are recorded compliantly.


Discussing the Power of Proton

Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Advice, Tim Fuller and Head of Technology, Thomas Georgiadis discuss some of the key processes and benefits of our Proton technology service, that powers Nucleus Wealth.

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