Has The Great China Reckoning Arrived? | Nucleus Investment Insights

China’s economy has deteriorated significantly. We, here at Nucleus, have time and again discussed the issues and lately have been wondering if it means that China’s great reckoning has arrived? Or will the can be once again kicked down the road?


In this investment podcast, Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen, Chief Strategist, David Lewellyn Smith, and Chief Operating Officer, Shelley George, reviewed and discussed this global crisis.

  • China’s property crash
  • Can China beat OMICRON?
  • Monetary and fiscal policy pushing on a string
  • The impossible trinity
  • The next shoe to drop
  • Yuan, yuan, yuan!
  • Implications for markets

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Sam Kerr is a Senior Financial Advisor at Nucleus Wealth.

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