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Over the past few months we have looked several times at debt crises and how they are likely to be resolved. We had Dr Hail on to talk about MMT, we featured Ray Dalio’s solutions to debt crises and this week we hear the third option: Austrian economics.
Jonathan Rochford will take to the podcast to support this view, driven by the thought that maybe more debt isn’t the answer to every problem.

Join Nucleus Wealth’s Head of Investments Damien Klassen, Head of Operations Tim Fuller and Jonathan Rochford of Narrow Road Capital discuss the idea that “Maybe more debt isn’t the answer?”

Topics include: Description of the 3 schools of economic thought, and what each do in a financial crisis
How Austrians deal with Zombie companies
14 reasons QE is terrible economic policy
QE’s biggest problem being who the money goes to, not it happening
Wealth inequality Who will default on debt

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Tim Fuller is Head of Operations at Nucleus Wealth.