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 In today’s investment webinar, Nucleus Wealth’s Chief Strategist David Llewellyn Smith, Head of Investments Damien Klassen, and Head of Advice Tim Fuller discuss why it’s time to move assets offshore
Following the Great Pandemic of 2020, the global economy is entering a robust recovery. This new business cycle is not like those that have come after the previous two crises, the Global Financial Crisis and Tech Wreck. Those two crashes were led by the US and the recoveries led by China. This time around, the crisis was led by China and the recovery will be led by the US.

The difference is crucial to asset returns over the coming cycle. Aggregate global growth may appear to be the same at the headline level, but with the US the growth engine and China the caboose, the range and order of asset cars arrayed between them will be very different. So will be the returns for each.

Moreover, these cyclical forces will further be buffeted by epochal shifts in structural forces shaping the global economy which have, if anything, changed even more dramatically in the past few years.

What this means is that now is the time for investors to abandon Australia for global assets.

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Tim Fuller is Head of Advice at Nucleus Wealth.

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