Is The Chinese Snowball Getting Bigger? | Nucleus Investment Insights

This week we delve into the world’s largest asset class. Alarming economic data has sparked investor jitters, but imbalances have existed for a decade or more.


Over the past 15 years, China’s construction frenzy has reached historic proportions. The trigger point is elusive, akin to predicting an avalanche. Conditions are ripe for a seismic shift, this week we ask the big question: Why now?

Part of the answer lies in the developers. But the big names of Country Garden and Evergrande aren’t exceptions; they mirror the industry. China’s top developers grapple with four massive challenges.

Then we look at macro construction stats. Something’s off. The numbers just don’t add up.
Can infrastructure fill the gap? How much bigger can China grow that spending?

We also consider shadow banking issues, fading hopes of a consumer-led rescue and financial repression’s paradox.

This is China’s fourth attempt at breaking its property addiction—stakes are rising.

In this week’s podcast Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer, Damien Klassen and Senior Financial Adviser Samuel Kerr delve into the arguments and look at the evidence.


  • Biggest asset class in the world
  • Property Developers
  • Macro construction stats
  • Infrastructure to the rescue?
  • Shadow banks
  • Consumers to the rescue?
  • Financial repression can’t be a cause and a cure
  • Latest Data
  • Investment Outlook

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