Performance Reports

All of our clients have website access to see the stocks and bonds that they own, the reasons for owning them and a full history of performance.

In addition, we write a performance report each month to go through any changes to our positioning. See below for recent reports: 

Nucleus Wealth's Growth fund performed in the top 4 of all super funds in 2019
2019 was a banner year for investment returns. Our own funds performed well throughout the year, highlighted by our growth
November was a stark reminder of the power of narrative in driving returns. World stock markets rose almost 5%, but
October saw investment returns for equity markets higher yet again, the bigger story was a reversal in the bond market.
Nucleus Superannuation and Ethical Investment performance September 2019
September saw volatile, but ultimately strong equity markets push the investment returns for most superannuation funds higher. Our tactical investment
Most superannuation funds lost money in August on the back of the Australian stock market, falling around 2%. Our tactical
July added another month of good performance to the share and bond market rallies that have driven markets higher throughout