Performance Reports

All of our clients have website access to see the stocks and bonds that they own, the reasons for owning them and a full history of performance.

In addition, we write a performance report each month to go through any changes to our positioning. See below for recent reports: 

May continued to see positive returns across our portfolios,  our Australian fund was up 2% and the rest were up
Nucleus Relative Performance
April saw markets bounce back from a poor March, and our portfolios saw healthy gains with our international portfolio up
March was a shocker for the ASX with the ASX200 down over 4%. Investors in our tactical funds did much
Our pitch to investors has been that by investing in a mix of quality and value stocks that you can avoid
January Performance
Given the events of the last week, it feels like performance for January is largely irrelevant. The headline is that
Nucleus December Performance
Good news: Stock selection continues to support performance with our international portfolio outperforming a falling world market. Bad news: Statistically,