War And Wealth: Investing Post Wagner’s Russian Coup | Nucleus Investment Insights

Extraordinary scenes in Russia this week as a coup put a significant dent into Putin’s aura of political invincibility. We examine the aftershocks for macroeconomics, political stability and investments.


In particular, we look at the investment landscape for defense contractors, which ones benefit, which ones are less well positioned and where defense budgets are being spent in the aftermath of the Ukraine war.

In this week’s podcast Nucleus Wealth Chief Investment Officer Damien Klassen and Chief Operating Officer Shelley George, delve into the investment implications of the ever-evolving face of modern warfare.


  • Ethical considerations
  • Quick background
  • Geopolitical implications
  • Macroeconomic implications
  • Investment implications: macroeconomics
  • Military changes from Ukraine war
  • Investment landscape/defense contractors
  • Investment implications: stock selection

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